Active Sync Pricing

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Active Sync Pricing

Post by lowcountrytoday » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:23 am

I looked over your pricing about 2 months ago and compared it to other SM because I always look to save money. I could have bought a competitors server SM Enterprise Unlimited version for about couple of hundred dollars more and they had Microsoft Active Sync then. As I was looking around I noticed that you were bringing in Microsoft Active Sync and your prices for Microsoft Active Sync considerably lower than SM. After considering your prices I decided to do a upgrade to your enterprise server as well and wait for Microsoft Active Sync.

Your Microsoft Active Sync version came out 25 days ago and I set it up. I was very impressed with things.

Imagine how hard my chin hit my keyboard when I looked on your web site tonight to actually purchase some Microsoft Active Sync licenses and saw that you raised your prices with most of them higher higher than SM.

I am thinking maybe I should have bought SM.

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Re: Active Sync Pricing

Post by MailEnable » Wed May 02, 2012 3:38 am


You have made the right decision and have saved yourself between 500 - 1000 dollars with MailEnable (and thats only for the first year - the savings are ongoing).

Here is why:

Base Licensing

SM Unlimited is 1,399 (source - their web site)
MailEnable Premium is 1,098 (300 dollars saved)
MailEnable Enterprise is 699 (700 dollars saved)

Note: SM Unlimited cannot be compared to MailEnable Premium because it does not provide the Outlook Connectivity that MailEnable does.
You would be better comparing Enterprise Edition with their unlimited

EAS Licensing
With respect to the EAS licensing comparison:

MailEnable is less expensive below 50 mailboxes and above 300 mailboxes
But it is around 1 dollar per mailbox more expensive in the 100-300 range.

Ongoing Costs
SM yearly cost is 40% of 1399 (Each year costs $560 per annum)
MailEnable upgrade protection is $270 (Saving of 290 dollars per annum)
ie: the above-mentioned licensing cost within the 100-300 is more than compensated.

You are financially better off and the The 300-700 dollars saved off the initial purchase combined with the 290 saved in AUP (ie: upto 990 saved in the first year) more than offsets the slight increase of EAS licenses within the 100-300 user range.

Also, the pricing was only advertised once. The only change was that a 20 user license pack was added as there was alot of demand for it (presumably people trialing it).

(hopefully not too many keyboard dimples on your chin and you feel more reassured)
Regards, Andrew

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