w3wp.exe process taking lots of CPU every 20 minutes

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w3wp.exe process taking lots of CPU every 20 minutes

Post by beachard » Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:50 pm

The problem :

Since about 1 day, the process w3wp.exe "c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\w3wp.exe -ap "MailEnableEASPool" -v "v4.0" -l "webengine4.dll" -a \\.\pipe\iisipm51d590b8-e72b-4b1e-ad49-8f9029f92e69 -h "C:\inetpub\temp\apppools\MailEnableEASPool\MailEnableEASPool.config" -w "" -m 1 -t 20 -ta 0" serving the ActiveSync and HTTPMail Protocol IIS Application pool MailEnableEASPool is consuming almost all CPU every about 20 minutes for about 5 minute. The CPU graph looks like a fence.

The environment :

- MailEnable Enterprise version 9.17
- Windows Server 2012 R2 (Windows 6.2)
- Virtual Machine on vSphere 5.5
- Dedicated server to MailEnable, no other web sites or software installed

History :

- The server use to work perfectly for 1 year
- 1 Month ago we activated ActiveSync using a trial license for about 8 people and everything was working OK
- while the trial license was almost at his end, 2 days ago we purchased a 20 ActiveSync License from sales and after receiving confirmation that the sale was complete, i clicked the Activate button in ActiveSync manager and it worked but displaying 0 used license.
- Knowing i had 8 users, I clicked the REFRESH button and i got a red error message saying "The license has already been activated... [Error code: L037]
- I contacted sales and they told me yesterday that they some how reset my license and to click refresh again.
- I checked in the ActiveSync Manager and everything was looking OK for the licenses so i did not click anything.
- During the day one employee complained that he did not get the latest messages on his phone so i clicked the "Clear Synchronisation Data" button for him in the Device tab to try to reset his account.
- Yesterday night i noticed for the first time the CPU at 100% issue
- I checked with Process explorer and Process monitor and NETSTAT to find out if there was a DDOS attack but it was not the problem. There were no log entries, no suspect connections. Also, according to Process monitor, the w3wp using all CPU process kept reading the ActiveSync folders over and over for all users.
- This morning i clicked the "Clear Synchronisation Data" button for all user to try to reset everything but it did not change anything.

My Guess :

The problem really seams to be related to our new ActiveSync license installation and the ActiveSync service.

Thank you for helping us resolve that issue.

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