Backup/Restore created errors

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Backup/Restore created errors

Post by sectioni » Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:39 pm


I have backed up my old mailenable installation - MailEnable 6.01 Standard (Windows server 2008 32 bit).

I installed a clean MailEnable 6.75 Standard on my new server (Windows server 2012 64 bit).
I copied my backup set to the new path: c:\program files (x86)\MailEnable\Backup\Sets
I ran the backup util on the new server and it found the backup set. I clicked restore and the progress bar reached about 40% and then the program stopped.

It didn't restore anything. not messages, not postoffices or domains.
The "Backup Location" field changed to c:\program files\MailEnable\Backup\Sets (the way it was on my old server... why did it do that??)

I created one of my old postoffices manually. that went ok.
I then tried to create one of my old mailboxes but after clicking ok, it showed me a list of my old messages and asked if i wanted to recover them. every option i tried led to this message:

"Failed to get authentication details from configuration to update."
"Password could not be updated"

I cant create any of my old mailboxes now. and all i wanted was a simple backup/restore for my mailboxes and messages ...
what do i do?

thank you.

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Re: Backup/Restore created errors

Post by thomaswilson » Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:24 am

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