SPAM FILTER - Error in the application of criteria value

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SPAM FILTER - Error in the application of criteria value

Post by gianfranco.foresi » Sat May 04, 2013 9:32 am

I'm running Mailenable enterprise 7.6 under plesk 11 and Spam Filters detection never tagged as spam.
How is it possible all criteria values are always negative even after spam filters has been set just on positive weighting in the spam protection configuration?
All filter logs are quite similar to the following ones:

Time Action MessageID Connector Filter Result Account Sender IPAddress Data Subject
05/04/13 00:01:32 Start - - - - - - - -
05/04/13 00:01:58 Executed C58FAEC3D0D44D48A7DD46FCF1DF1D8A.MAI SMTP [System Spam Filter] ADD_HEADER [] No (-15),AS:-0,PT:-5,RB:-5,BY:-20,VI:-0,SA:0,BM:-0,SU:-0,IS:-5,FE:20 Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
05/04/13 00:02:01 Executed 0487EE2014604EDC862BE6556144813E.MAI SF [System Spam Filter] ADD_HEADER [] No (-15),AS:-0,PT:-5,RB:-5,BY:-20,VI:-0,SA:0,BM:-0,SU:-0,IS:-5,FE:20
05/04/13 00:03:16 Reloading filters due to change.

I have to say, the issue has come out after AVG internet security business edition 2011 installation but I'm not sure it is related.

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