Spam rule 9999 weighting value problem (bug?)

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Spam rule 9999 weighting value problem (bug?)

Post by albertog » Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:54 am


I was playing with the spam rules positive weighting and negative weighting. I needed to avoid the spam from people who uses different envelope / header from.

So i double click the "envelope sender does not match header sender" rule and try to put there the maximum allowed value in the positive weighting, that is: 9999.

Now, in the list of rules, this rule shows in positive weighting not a number but "always marked as spam". It seems ok to me, but the problem is that now, when i double click in the rule it says "this weighting is not editable" so i cannot change it anymore. I think it is a bug.

How can i change now the positive weighting of this rule? Somewhere in the registry?

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