Cannot get Webmail to work

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Cannot get Webmail to work

Post by AneVisser » Wed Oct 16, 2013 12:34 am

I have recently installed Mailenable 7.53, and tried to get webmail working. Apart from webmail anything else seems to be working ok.
I registered 'mail.<domain>' in the DNS server, and in Mailenable management I went to Servers->localhost->Services->Webmail, and added 'mail.<domain>' with the IP addres as registered in the DNS server and set the default postoffice.

When I try to use webmail by entering the one of the following links in the webbrowser on the server: 'mail.<domain>' or '<domain>/MEWebmail', I get error 404.2

When I use these domain names on a browser from a remote client, I get http error 404.

I have read somewhere that this might be related to the application pool in IIS, having set the wrong version of .Net for Mailenable webmail. I have set the .net framework for both MailEnableAppPool and MailEnableEASPool to v2.0, which I thought was the correct version.

I am fairly new to configuring MailEnable, and I would be very interested to know if anyone knows how to resolve my issue.

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Re: Cannot get Webmail to work

Post by aahq » Wed Oct 16, 2013 12:34 pm

Try lodging a support call via the mailenable website. I think they give free assistance for new installs.

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