rfc4954 no compliance

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rfc4954 no compliance

Post by acattani » Tue Feb 25, 2014 6:55 pm


I use a third party antispam proxy.
Given that it fails to catch auth errors, I asked explanations to the developers:

------ Mailenable SMTP-Activity ------
02/24/14 04:31:28 SMTP-IN EC5160D7FCB34FBF84DE00C08BB3FB27.MAI 996 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx AUTH cmV5bm9sZHM= 504 Invalid Username or Password 34 14 reynolds

The explanation was the following:

>Your MTA uses an incorrect (rfc4954) reply on the authentication failure.
>The '504' is
>Command parameter not implemented
>your MTA should answer with '535' or '534'

I use Mailenable Enterprise 8.01

Thank you for your help.
Alessandro Cattani

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