Change default SMTP port anything other than 25

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Change default SMTP port anything other than 25

Post by iltera » Thu Aug 28, 2014 2:46 pm


I have a task to configure our mail server to use "ALSO" secure connections using SSL. That means, we don't have another mail server just to provide secure connections option to our clients. We need to provide SSL as an option.
I can use SSL with no problems, if I configure the alternate SMTP port to 465. But doing that I have to change the other needed port 587 of course. I tried changing "SMTP service listens on port:" from 25 to 587, and configured the alternate port to 465 and checked Requires SSL checkbox.

I think that should be the correct configuration giving my situation. But I saw that when I change the "SMTP service listens on port:" option from 25 to anything else, (may this be 587, 465, 24, 1, anything) all my incoming connections stop! The server is no longer reachable from outside world and the emails sent from other servers are receiving NDR messages that tells the remote server is not reachable. But I can send messages as long as the alternate SMTP port is set to 587.

That made me think... Is this a bug? Why SMTP port change is effecting incoming message traffic? None of the ISPs and internet providers in my country are allowing port 25, it is a useless port. Then, why can't I change the default SMTP port for my needs?

Having these thoughts, I decided to reinstall windows server. During the Enterprise Premium (This is the license we have) install, on the SMTP port configuration screen, I changed the port from 25 to 587 and finished the installation. Made the necessary settings on the mmc console and saw that the mail server never worked as is should until I changed the default port back to 25, and configured the alternate port to 587. Then everything worked as it should.

There is the final question: Is it possible to configure default SMTP port to anything other than 25, and is it possible to have a configuration that I mentioned at the beginning (Both secure and unsecure connections at the same server)?

Hope someone answers this post soon... Thanks!

NOTE: I can provide server access if support stuff or developers of ME want to see the situation themselved.

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Re: Change default SMTP port anything other than 25

Post by Brett Rowbotham » Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:01 am

Answered in your other thread

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Re: Change default SMTP port anything other than 25

Post by Razaali1 » Sat Sep 20, 2014 1:04 pm


First step upgrade to version 8.52 to see if the error persists as there fixes to web mail maybe the problem your seeing.
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