Premium 8.53 console - error opening log files

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Premium 8.53 console - error opening log files

Post by gerry.matte » Wed Sep 17, 2014 4:37 pm

The Enterprise console will not open log files by double clicking the log file name. (see attachment 20140917-logFileNameBad1.png)
It appears that the file name passed to my text editor specifies a path name that includes a space but is not a quoted path.

Consequently, the portion of the file name after the space character is not treated as part of the desired log file name.
(see 20140917-logFileNameBad2)

This seems to be a new error.... I'm fairly sure I've opened log files this way in the past.

Ok ...... I tried to load screen images using "Upload attachment" - I see an error message
"Temporary folder could not be found. Please check your PHP installation"

Looks like you have more than one error here

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