POP3 Server TLS/SSL certificate bindings

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POP3 Server TLS/SSL certificate bindings

Post by airbear » Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:08 pm

It appears that the MailEnable POP3 server does not follow the per-IP TLS/SSL certificate bindings properly. I have a default certificate configured for the server and I have an IP address with a different certificate bound to it. The SMTP and IMAP servers use the certificate bound to the IP correctly but, the POP3 server uses the default certificate! Am I doing something wrong?

I also noticed that the POP3 server does not seem to support TLSv1.2 The IMAP and SMTP servers do!

I would also like to see STARTTLS added to the IMAP and POP3 servers. Is this likely or possible?


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