Webmail load from smartphone error

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Webmail load from smartphone error

Post by jeffhsu » Sun Apr 26, 2015 7:34 am

I am using premium 8.6, just started using
I would like to check whether desktop webmail works on smartphone or tablet not
I can load and login to desktop webmail on my iphone or ipad (tested on chrome and safari)
but when I click on the Options menu and internal setting pages, it does not show the Save button below

As user told me they cannot change password in mobile webmail or desktop webmail, I went to test, here is my findings

In mobile webadmin, password can be changed by admin
In mobile webmail, user cannot change password themselves as there is no settings area

In the desktop webadmin, password can be changed by admin
In the desktop webmail, there is no display of the Save and Cancel buttons in the bottom left (from PC webmail, it shows properly), user cannot save password. In fact all the settings menu in Options cannot be saved, as there is no display for the Save Cancel bar

Is this a bug or it is webmail is not meant to work from smartphones at all?

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