Filter files no longer found in 9.73

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Filter files no longer found in 9.73

Post by QIT » Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:11 am

In 9.73 we notice that filter files are no longer found.

We have a filter based on the file
[MEfolder]\config\filters\patterns\MEFILTER-FROM.txt (since before v3 of ME)
but trying to edit it (via ME Filter Management -> Criteria Properties) we get message that
is not present and if we create it next time we try to edit we get message that
is not present.
And so on... :(

So what MEFILTER is used if one?

In your "Submit Suggestion or Defect Report" page you consider only improvements and so suggestions; but a defect require a solution not an improvement. So the "Severity" should be less optimistic.

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