Message ID lacking in SMTP-Debug

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Message ID lacking in SMTP-Debug

Post by schnee » Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:15 pm


When trying to trace what happened with some message, the only element we have is its 32 characters unique id, like in:
ME-E0059: [F0A3AA5A15724C428946C1DA6E4C3E58.MAI] Message Delivery Failure. Attempt (4): Could not connect to mail server for domain (
Fine, but why some lines do not contain the message Id, like for the same message:
ME-E0124: Error (9002): Could not resolve MX list for domain []
How can I know this error was caused by message F0A3AA5A15724C428946C1DA6E4C3E58 ?
This makes very difficult for any message trace tool to analyse what was wrong with the message.
By the way the ME message trace tool cannot trace this message completely, no Wonder.

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