Upgraded to 7.5, and now webmail interface is not accessible

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Upgraded to 7.5, and now webmail interface is not accessible

Post by mOrloff » Thu Nov 21, 2013 6:14 pm

Let me take an extra step back.

We have two HDD partitions; C:\ for OS and the such, D:\ for data. (OS = WinServer2008 R2)
A couple days ago, our C:\ drive maxed out .. 100% filled, no free space.
Once we resolved that, we were having a very interestingissue with our email.
Our SMTP Logs showed a whole bunch of emails coming in, they just weren't showing up in any of the account in-boxes ... weird!
Outbound emails were fine and inbound messages were going through the server, our accounts just weren't receiving any emails.

I rebooted the server, and subsiquently rcv'd a handful of emails (including my tests from before the reboot), but only a handful ... literally, something like four or five.
After that, no emails showing up in any in-boxes again!

Anyhow .... since I've been wanting to upgrade to a newer release for a long time anyhow, I took this as an opportunity.
I upgraded from 6.5 to 7.5 (before which, I took an ERUNT backup of the registry and a backup copy of the "C:\ProgFiles\MailEnable" directory).
Everything seemed pretty simple and straight forward except on the "Select Webmail Web Route" dialog. We have several servers, so I had to tick the "Configure webmail as an IIS virtual directory" checkbox to access the pull-down list of all our servers.
There were two in there that seemed like good candidates, so I kinda punted.
I was debating between two options: "mail.ourdomain.com" or "Mail Enable Webmail", and selected the latter because it was explicitly named for ME.
When visiting the webmail interface (at mail.ourdomain.com) now, we're just getting a runtime error.

I'm VERY new to ME, and will appreciate any and all help/tips/suggestions.
~ Mo

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