Using CDO Settings

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Using CDO Settings

Post by gzapata » Mon Dec 09, 2013 6:00 am


I am having issues on ME Standard 7.54, we are using CDO settings to send newsletter mail to our clients on testing to send mail from CDO settings it bounced. From relay tab I "allow privileged ranges IPs" in it and to test again the mails are still bouncing. I have uncheck "Allow relay for authenticated senders" upon testing again the mails are now sending, but we need this option to receive mails if there are bouncing issues unfortunately we are not receiving any bounce.

From the other server same programs from the CDO settings but ME Standard 6.5, The "Allow relay for authenticated senders" is ticked and we receive bounce mails. We are sending newsletter per day up to 50,000 and we must at list receive bounce emails.

Please help me with this because we have same settings of CDO but the version of ME Standard is not the same. Is there a problem with the ME Standard 7.54?


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