Client's new ISP selectively blocks accounts

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Client's new ISP selectively blocks accounts

Post by BusyFool » Tue Jul 01, 2014 3:22 pm

Hi there,

My client has about 20 accounts on the mail server and they have sent and received mail for years with no problem - as have all my other client with multiple accounts.
About a month ago they changed ISP to Vodaphone (Spain) and since then only two PCs can send/receive. One or two can receive only. My first reaction is to blame Vodaphone which with typical indifference, shrug and say all is well. "All ports are open. If you can make calls and connect to the net, our work is done!"

Here are some facts:
  • The companies are spread over two offices; say A and B.
    A has one PC which can send and receive.
    B has one PC which can send and receive. Both have odd PCs which can receive only.
    A laptop brought it from outside can send and receive in office A.
    A PC from office A which cannot send or receive, can do so if taken to another place with another provider.
    The cable from working sending and receiving PC in office A, won't cause a non-working PC to pick up or send mail.
    A non-working PC in office B had its OS stripped and replaced with Win 7. Still no change.
    I have other clients who have no problems.
    The "informatico" guy for the company has spent three solid weeks trying to figure this out without getting any closer.
    The DNS settings are perfect and aligned the same way as all my other clients who, once again, have no problem with their mail.
    The individual PCs and the new Vodaphone network seem to conflict somewhere, albeit arbitrarily.
I suggested that they threaten Vodaphone that they will move back to their old provider, but we both know they will shrug and tell them to go ahead.

I have made no adjustments to any individual accounts which would prevent them connecting.

Has anyone seen this sort of thing before? The member of staff who is handling this problem on the company's behalf, is out of their depth and desperate.

Anyone, anywhere have the vaguest idea?



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