mail redirection requirement

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mail redirection requirement

Post by trevme » Sun Jun 21, 2015 11:38 pm

I have a requirement to obscure email addresses, this is due to contract that states we are not allowed to provide a persons private email address to a 3rd party but we need to allow the 3rd party to communicate with this person. It does not need to be 2 way but it would be good it it can,

If there is a specific product we can use rather than trying to make a standard email server perform this complicated process then I would appreciate any pointers you can give me.

For the moment I have the following idea
we provide "" with a list of alias email addresses, they send emails to these

To: public???
Subject: Here are your details

where ??? is a number from 001 to 999

MX for points to my server ( can't use any hosted servers )
my server needs to forward public??? to a secondary address
e.g redirected to redirected to redirected to

ideally we would also like to add a header or footer to the original email with some
text and to include the original "to" email address e.g.
"this email was sent to your public email address"

we don't currently need to handle replies but it would be good if we can.
one idea is if we can change the "reply to" address in the redirected email so it does not go to but to say
we then redirect these to and change the sender to i.e. no "R" in the email address.

We don't need to store any of the email, this just needs to be a forwarding process.
Due to the number of mailboxes being able to script the above setup using say a csv file or database is essential.

Research so far would suggest a "pickup event" may be the solution, is this the right way to go?
does anyone have any scripts you can point me to that do some or all of the above.

If you have a different way of solving this then please describe the solution. Free would be good but not a problem to purchase a product.

I need to solve this in the next couple of days.


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