Outoging mail from client being rejected

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Outoging mail from client being rejected

Post by techhero » Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:58 pm

Since moving out colo facility and upgrading to a new Watchguard M400 firewall I noticed that our customers were getting a lot of spam. I logged into the server and noticed that the Inbound>IP restrictions was set to Grant Access to ALL.

I added my spam filtering servers ip address and saved the settings. Called a custome and asked if the spam had stopped. She said that the spam had stopped but all of her emails were stuck in the outbox. I setup a new mailbox on a different domain on the same Mailenable 8.x server on 2012 and setup my local client to send a test email.

Sure enough when I was trying to send a test email it gave me a 503 error regarding authentication. So I played with it for a while (by the way it is setup to with priveleged IP's or a single acct/password to relay) and finally added my home IP to the inbound ip restriction grant access list and sure enough it worked. I have been using Mailenable for years and have never had to put in a users ip address in the inbound ip restrictiion list before just setup the relay during account setup.

The SMTP log shows an access denied message next to my ip address before I added it to the granted access list.

Any thoughts? Thanks,

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