smarthost / routing configuration

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smarthost / routing configuration

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We have the following situation and we would like some help, configuring the smarthost / routing for a domain.

We have most of our mail users on Office365 and some users on MailEnable. Both services use the same domain name, i.e

We know how to configure Office365 to route mails from user1 to user2, but we cannot find how to configure MailEnable.

Here is a sample setup: is in Office365 in on MailEnable
MX records will point to Office365
Office365 will have a rule to smarthost to MailEnable any non matching mails

When user1 sends mail to user2, this should be done via Office365 routing rule / connector and should work OK.

Our question is how we do the opposite from MailEnable?

We want user2 to send emails to user1. Because user1 does not have a mailbox on the local system (MailEnable), this should fail. Is there anyway to configure this kind of smarthost / routing?

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Re: smarthost / routing configuration

Post by MailEnable-Ian » Fri May 18, 2018 1:03 am


Domain level smart hosting: ... neral.html - Act as Smart host

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