How prevent forwarding spam emails

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How prevent forwarding spam emails

Post by dougtpx27 » Wed May 22, 2019 7:16 pm

I use Mailenable (Standard edition) to define mailboxes for domains hosted on my server and set all mailboxes so they redirect emails to the related users personal email address (ie forwards to )

Recently spammers started sending spam emails pretending to be from but sent from their own servers. 2000+ failed spam emails came back to and were forwarded to the address before I disabled

These spam emails caused our mail server IP address to appear on several blacklists and I believe caused to lower the domain reputation of

I have tried blacklisting within Mailenable the spammers originating IP addresses but their IP addresses change too frequently AND this does not seem to help when failed emails come back from or other ISPs.

What can I do within Mailenable (or otherwise) to stop failed spam spoofed emails that were not sent from my server from being redirected by Mailenable to other ISPs?

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Re: How prevent forwarding spam emails

Post by Bartk » Sat May 25, 2019 11:16 am

First, are you sure the password isn't guessed and it's actually your server that sent the spam? In other words, check your SMTP logs for this user. If the e-mailadress is spoofed, your IP won't be blacklisted because it isn't originating from your server.

Second, is DKIM, DMARC and a good SPF record configured for this domain? If not, those would be the first steps for improving the security of your mail flow.

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