webmail and displaying hyperlinks, and MEAdmin folder

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webmail and displaying hyperlinks, and MEAdmin folder

Post by mark » Sat Jul 20, 2002 2:28 am


firstly this is a great product and i'm simply blown away by it

I have a couple of questions and wonder if anyone has the answers -

1. can the web mail client create hyperlinks (<a href> tags ) for any http:// addresses it discovers in the message body when either previewing the message or opening it in it's seperate read message window?

2. in one of the screen shots in the professional acrobat guide, it shows an IIS console with two virtual directories,

MEWebMail - which is the virtual dir to the web mail client pages


MEAdmin - which goes to c:\program files\mail enable\bin\webadmin

although MEAdmin has never been installed (twice now) in the professional version of the software now. the name seems to suggest that its a web based administration of the mail enable software...

has anyone else got this folder? and admin pages for that matter? is it a feature to be added later?


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webmail and displaying hyperlinks, and MEAdmin folder

Post by Scott » Sat Jul 20, 2002 3:25 am


Web admin appears to be a feature in the enterprise edition. See Below. I do not know the answer to your first question although I am curious myself.

MailEnable Enterprise Version includes all features of MailEnable Standard and MailEnable Professional and adds the following:

Web Administration
MailEnable Enterprise includes Web Administration. If you have authenticated as an Admin user, you will be able to manage users/mailboxes, lists, groups, and domains. If you are hosting multiple postoffices (lets say one per customer or company), each company can manage their own configuration.

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