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Discussions on webmail and the Professional version.
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Purchase Webmail

Post by Scott » Sat Jul 20, 2002 5:26 am

I notice the price for the Professional version has been posted.

How do we purchase it? :)

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Post by Admin » Sun Jul 21, 2002 4:02 pm

We've now added a pricing and purchase information page to our web site. Have a look!

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What about Upgrades?

Post by Scott » Mon Jul 22, 2002 5:52 am

How will future upgrades be handled? Will they be free or fee based?



Post by kruger@sanarchitect.net » Mon Jul 22, 2002 8:31 am

Hi im not an enterprise,
rather im just a home user and developer..
I have been using the standard version for some time
and it is a pretty good product.
I have a few domains I run off my home computer
for family and friends currently running 8 domains and usually only one or two email accounts perdomain althought some have about ten(for aliases).
If the features available in mailenable enterprise were available for $5 per domain I could affod to spend the money. Mabye you could sell domain licencing where you could buy incremental upgrades for every 10-15 email accounts.....
I dont think I can afford to spend 300-400 for enterprise version.
I doubt I could afford the 200 for the professional version.
Do you think you could offer a version that would have all the enterprise features set but have limited number of email accounts allowed?
So I could afford to use your product. I have been very active in your forums, posting messages and writing scripts for mysql etc, and giving you all alot of feedback here in the forums. I would greatly appreciate it.
I think you are trying to market yourself to isp and hosting companys and an easy to use front end for mail. Im hoping you could do me a favor
and come up with an approprate methoid for the non commercial user.
Anyway your product is a nice product and I dont want to haggle too much considering the obvious work you put into it.
As far as the professional version, it has some nice features but I could just keep using the beta.. for now..
The feature sets I need would be the

webmail--and the ability to allow different users to give out email address for there own domains..
sql-- ability to store the data in a mysql database.So I can intergrate my current websites with mailenable...

I would hope that your company would understand that there are alot of people who would consider using your software if the price cap wasnt going to be so high for individuals.
The professional version is $175 that means for the 8 domains I have running at home I would pay nearly 23 dollars for each domain to enable
webmail.Considering half the domains are my own thats alot of money..

The feature set I would really like is the sql and seperate management of domains for my friends and family.
If your price runs 400 for that that would be 50 per domain...
Thats very unaffordable...unless your hosting 500 domains that would bring it down to less than a dollar a domain...

How fully you see how the supply and demand of your product doesnt allow you to capture the smaller user such as myself. your price structure does not work on us. Even if my friends and family gave me 20 each that wouldnt pay for the software for get my dsl line..

Well for now im sticking with the standard version.
and writing scripts to populate the txt files out of my sql database.
If you would like to email mail me and discuss a solution I would appreciate it...

Nice work on the product...

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Post by vnvjeep » Wed Aug 07, 2002 2:09 am

Kruger... sorry to be going off-topic here, but sheesh... you're breaking my heart. You are a developer, with the knowledge to write scripts in mysql... You know how to install & operate a server... You know how to use IIS. You are probably making some decent money... I'd say at least $40k/yr or more. I think you could easily afford $175 to buy the Pro version... and maybe if you didn't go out to eat for a week or 2, or held off buying the newest latest games @ $50/ea, you might even be able to spring for the enterprise version.

Why don't you get your 4 other friends that you are hosting your domains for to fork over $25/ea? That's $100 out of the way!

Where else can you find such a full featured product that even does webmail for such a low price? Would you rather go the Exch 2K w/ OWA route? I didn't think you'd want to be paying a cool $2000 for it, right? If not, then please, stop your complaining.


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Post by MailEnable » Wed Aug 07, 2002 2:25 am

This KB article describes the process for registering/purchasing MailEnable Professional.


When you install Professional Edition there is a registration application that is under the "Mail Enable" program group. If you are connected to the Internet you can use this. Otherwise, there is a registration page available on www.mailenable.com.
Regards, Andrew

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