To buy a beta?

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To buy a beta?

Post by MPedroche » Tue Jul 23, 2002 8:25 am


:shock: I have received an E-mail of you indicating me the price and the possibility of buying the professional version of their product. But I have not seen any upgrade from July 15.
Although the product is good, and I believe that I will convince to my company so that she buys it, I lower my opinion, it continues being a version beta.

It lacks some good installation manuals and of use.
He doesn't have a good control anti-spam or where to be able to indicate since IP,s or ranges of IP,s are not admitted mail. He has it at individual level, domain to domain. We need to be able to be indicated it at general level.
He doesn't have an interface of usurious HTTP to be able to manage the mailboxes of the domains, and to create new mailboxes. Although you say that this will belong to the version "interprise", this professional version should have it, if he lacks it, it would not be such a competitive software comparing it with other, as you comment.

And my question is:
Is it logical and wise the acquisition or purchase of a software still beta?
What guarantee do they give us you that once increased they don't want to charge us of new an upgrade?

:oops: Forgive that he thinks bad, but the experience teaches.


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Post by Admin » Tue Jul 23, 2002 1:34 pm

The last version of MailEnable Professional was updated on the 21st. We usually don't announce minor upgrades, to avoid users having to continually upgrade. If there is a stability or security issue, then we will notify users. The issues fixed or added to these minor versions are mainly to do with specific faults for certain customers. The 15th July release was our last beta/release candidate, and because of the good response, we replaced this with our release version (which had some small changes).

You can specify IP ranges at a general level. Use the "Access Control" button in the SMTP options and you can ban IPs from connecting to your SMTP server. You can use an asterisk * as a wildcard.

We definitely believe our Professional product is competitive both in price and features, without web administration.

We do have a long trial period for MailEnable Professional, and the product is not restricted in any way for this time, so you only need to purchase when you a completely happy with it!

There will be no charge for minor upgrades and fixes for any purchased product. Users who wish to move from Professional to Enterprise only have to pay the difference in cost.

Hope this info helps!

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Post by MPedroche » Tue Jul 23, 2002 11:08 pm

Thank you for their quick answer,

The upgrade will be of July 21, but in its page web it indicates:
MailEnable Professional 1.3 Mb (Last Updated 15th July 2002).

My reference to the anti-spam, era to impede that they arrive to the mailboxes not wanted mail, neither requested.
In my other servants Linux, I have setting a list with more than 25.000 IP,s whose mail is rejected.

You don't make reference to when we will have some use manuals.

I want to take advantage of the occasion to ask them:
Do you plan to translate to several languages, among other Spanish, their developments?

A greeting,

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