SMTP-GreyListing settings value

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SMTP-GreyListing settings value

Post by simongoodinson » Fri Dec 04, 2015 3:44 pm

spam is the bane of my life and probably everyone else. Started getting the numbers down but thought I would try and use greylisting. This works a treat with 70% of emails rejected due to the delayed resend required.

However all of my users are home workers and due to their broadband suppliers DHCP I cannot successfully whitelist their IP address to bypass the filters. A result of which meant the users were getting returns when sending of ;

"This server employs greylisting as a means of reducing spam. Your message has been delayed and will be accepted later."

All the users log on to mailenable to send so why do their messages get greylisted? have I missed something?

I notice the mailboxes and post offices have a default settings configuration but cannot find anywhere that states what the values are or do. Any assistance is appreciated

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