Webmail/Inboxes for more than 1 inbox per User on the server

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Webmail/Inboxes for more than 1 inbox per User on the server

Post by gdpodesta » Wed Oct 31, 2018 6:07 pm

We have 4 Postoffices, each with a single domain.
Firstly, I'm not sure that's the right approach - perhaps 1 single Postoffice, with 4 domains?
Anyways, we have a small staff, and we all support each of the 4 Postoffices in our day to day business.

Each staff member has an inbox for each of the 4 domains, and we want a single point to receive all the emails for their respective inboxes. Webmail only seems to allow being logged in to one at a time. We added a POP entry for the other 3, and that works, BUT we can only reply with the currently logged in "From" address. This seems to be the same case when using redirection on the server.

So "John" should be able to get email from john@site1.com, john@site2.com, john@site3.com, john@site4.com
And reply to any of those emails with the email address to which it was sent.

How is the Mailserver and Webmail best setup to accomplish this? We're early in the game, so it wouldn't be hard to configure the Postoffices differently, as long as we can have the 4 different domains respected. (They're all separate entities, just with the same support staff)

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