Centralized Certificate Storage use in Mailenable

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Centralized Certificate Storage use in Mailenable

Post by marcotibben » Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:03 pm


At the moment Mailenable works with a Default SSL Certificate selected via servers-localhost-properties-ssl where a list of certificates installed on the system resides.. These certificates need to be installed on the system by hand each time a certificate is renewed..

We work with a central certificate location in IIS, and since there's Lets Encrypt, this means each 60 days we have to manually install an éxtra certificate in the personal store especially for mailenable to work with SSL...

Feature request; Would it be possible for mailenable to also use the central certificate store, so that we dont have to install extra certificates and it can run with the central storage in which certificates are automatically renewed each 60 days..? this would save us a lot of trouble..

Thnx in advance..

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