Pricing Structure?

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Pricing Structure?

Post by vnvjeep » Tue Jun 25, 2002 3:04 pm

Hi there,

For a while it has said that pricing will be announced shortly for the pro & enterprise versions... Do you guys have any ideas yet on a pricing structure? I'm very interested to find out! Depending on how reasonable pricing is, we may be springing for it at my company as we're about to start doing mail hosting for several different domains...

Thanks for all your help & support... you guys have been great!

Take care,
Mike -- VNVJeep

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Post by Admin » Wed Jul 03, 2002 4:26 am

To jump the gun a bit, we expect the Pro version to be approximately US$175 per server (unlimited clients/domains/etc.).

We are still making sure all the issues raised with the beta are fixed before you can actually pay for it. :lol:


im just a home user

Post by homeuser » Thu Jul 18, 2002 5:19 am

im just a home user and i have been using
mail enable standard for a few domains..
but i want the feature set that your offering for enterprise
i would like to be able to point the server as a mysql database instead of
txt files so i can do some fancier stuff

im writing some code for my web page to do mailouts and stuff but it stinks to have to keep everything in two places.

Im hoping that your not going to try to charge alot for it
i have about 20 domain names and dont really get money from them

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