IMAP not working randomly

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IMAP not working randomly

Post by commserve » Fri Aug 23, 2019 4:28 am

I have a MailEnabled Pro 10 in a Windows environment. On a Hyper-V VM.

User base is around 20.

Some users will experience delay on getting IMAP mails. There will be no emails showing in the Inbox, user click Send/Receive, the status will show completed but no new mails will appear. If the users check on webmail interface, he will see the new mails in webmail.

Telnet to IMAP port, it went through, check on the IMAP connection status on the server, can see there is active IMAP connection for that user.

Tried restarting the IMAP services, re-start Outlook, start Outlook in safe mode, update MailEnable to the latest patch, same issue.

I will need to re-create Outlook profile then the new mails will appear, but after a few weeks, the same issue will happen again.

Users mailbox is not huge, is only a few GB.

Can anyone help?

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