ME 10.3 Spam Protection not updating Email Headers

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ME 10.3 Spam Protection not updating Email Headers

Post by solucionmike » Fri Jul 17, 2020 1:15 am

I have setup SpamAssassan in Spam Protection and added in a Filter in Filters : Enable "Where message fails SpamAssassin verification with an Action to Mark message as SPAM.

What I have noticed that the ME Spam Protection does not add any SPAM Protection results and weights etc. in the Email Header.

I am expecting in the header of all Emails to see something like:

X-ME-Spam: Low (or High or Medium etc.) and also what were the actual scores of all Tests were like Black List, Key words, Spam Assassin etc.

Does someone know how we get ME Spam protection to add/update the header details with the Spam criteria values of inbound emails.

Mike May

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