How to include DKIM hash to messages by API?

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How to include DKIM hash to messages by API?

Post by iltera » Fri Nov 29, 2013 1:20 pm


I have been using mailenable with Plesk Panel so long and at last decided to create a panel of our own and continue using MailEnable Enterprise Premium as the mail server.
What I am doing basicly is to create domains and dns entries and email addresses through a self-made panel and send site files from ftp. That self-made panel is using mailenable api to create mail accounts. But I couldn't find a way to set DKIM with new postoffices during the creation proccess.

Can you please guide me how to properly enable DKIM using API? I know how to create DNS entries for a given hash, but I need to include that hash inside the messages that post office is sending.

Thank you!


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