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Post by teleunion » Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:41 am


i want to do some things with your new Enterprise 8.03-Server, but at this time i have some Points i cant't get over:

Windows Server 2012 R2, ME 8.03, IIS working
creating Mailboxes, settig autoresponders, enabling and disabling mailboxes runs fine (using COM from PHP)

Some Active-Sync-Clients, Some IMAP, some CalDav, some LDAP-Clients

what i DON'T want to have: speciell programs / addons i have to install to the Clients like OutlookConnector

things i would like to have:
- every Person should have all contacts of our Organisation in their personal contacts-folder (because i can't use the global adress-book, though it's not supported by all or even by all Clients)
there are more contacts than just the existing mailboxes (e.g. special Hotlines of our partners)
- some of them should be able to have their appointments be synced with our web-application

the best solution i found so far, ist MailEnable.Store, to handle both, contacts and calendars, but i'm not able to use it
it seems, that there is no COM-Object on my machine with this Name

$oMailBox = new COM("MEAOPO.MailBox"): works
$oAUTHLogin = new COM("MEAOAU.Login"): works
$oStore = new COM("MailEnable.Store"): dosn't works

i noticed, that in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT there are several Objects listet, but no "MailEnable.Store"

any Idea how to get it to work?

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