Use "from" to copy outbound emails to IMAP Sent folder:

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Use "from" to copy outbound emails to IMAP Sent folder:

Post by MattC » Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:29 pm

We have a web application that will be used to send email. The web application will log in to MailEnable using a single mail account just for this app.

The outgoing emails will have a "from" that will usually match a MailEnable mailbox. We'd like to automatically copy the outgoing email to the Sent folder of the account matching the "from". If the "from" doesn't match anything in MailEnable, don't do anything.

In other words, we'd like sending mail from the web app to fill the Sent Folder just as if the user had sent it from a desktop mail client. Later when the user logs in to their email using Outlook they should see a copy of the email they sent via the web app.

Is this possible? Seems like it should be. Is it easy?

Any info appreciated. Have not worked with MailEnable hardly at all, not well versed in email intricacies generally, so basic level replies are welcome.

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