Call custom function on incoming mail??

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Call custom function on incoming mail??

Post by bitsoft » Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:11 pm

Hello all,

i have problem and i hope that somebody knows how to solve it. I need to call custom build function (C#) on incoming mail to server

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string CheckMail(string sender, string receipt, string subject, string body)
which preforms some internal checks and returns new subject which i have to replace with original in message

I can change function so it can receive different parameters (maybe path to message or something else, depends what is possible) but i need information about sender and subject at least and if possible message body. Then function would perform check and generate new subject which i can return as string or i can change subject directly in function if possible (it will translate subject from english to local language).

Function is in dll made with .net and MailEnable is v9 Professional edition.

Is something like that possible with MailEnable and how (smtp plugin, custom connectop, pickup event...). If not we will have to change mail server solution in our company and at few clients what would be pain in ass :(

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