MailEnable... It's A Good Thing.

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MailEnable... It's A Good Thing.

Post by CelestiuS » Mon Jun 17, 2002 2:45 pm

I like this program. It is good.

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Post by Adam_S » Mon Jun 17, 2002 10:26 pm

I agree! :lol:

I've had to test most of the off-the-shelf mail servers to wee which to recommend to webhosts. MailEnable came up high up in the ranks.

Well done guys.. :wink:

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Post by girar » Tue Jun 18, 2002 6:59 am

yes it's a very good program. For me it is the first that i tried and everyday i see how lucky i was when i found this link. If the price of the enterprise versión is reasonable i'm considering to buy it.

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