New User, routing setup

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New User, routing setup

Post by kdncbso » Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:12 pm

I am just evaluating Mailenable and trying to determine how this would be done on the Professional version.

I have a Spam Titan appliance managing all incoming and outgoing spam checking. SMTP Smart Hosting enabled.

I have a specific partner with a single external email address ( on a domain not maintained in our system. This email needs to be routed through a specific gateway and not go through the Spam Titan appliance. I

As I understand the documentation, I need to setup the external email address' domain ( as a Domain under our Post Office, select Act as Smart Host and add the IP in the "Redirect mail to ..." list. SMTP Proerties/SmartHost/ "Domain smart hosting takes priority" must be selected.

Is this understanding correct? If so I have the following additional questions:
Are all internal email addresses considered authenticated automatically?
Is there anyway to prevent new mailboxes, created after this domain is added, from automatically having this domain added as an address?


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