MaiEnable Sizing and Architecture

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MaiEnable Sizing and Architecture

Post by amrologi » Wed Aug 28, 2013 1:11 pm

I need to migrate my current mail environment to mailenable, is there anyone can help in answering the following inquiries

1.Can we distribute domain’s mailboxes on several servers (i.e. spanning the same domain over multiple servers)?
2.Is Mailenable functions can be deployed on different servers (i.e. have servers for managing Messages, another one for handling client access and another for holding mailbox content. Like exchange HUB, CAS and MBX).
3.Kindly advise about the suitable architecture(HW requirements and mailenable edition) and for supporting the following requirements:
A.Number of Mailboxes: 160.000 Mailboxes.
B.Number of Domains: 1 domain.
C.Client Access Methods: POP3, IMAP and Web Access.
4.Kindly advise can we migrate from exchange 2003 to mailenable and how.

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