How Mailenable is using filtering

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How Mailenable is using filtering

Post by kpnet » Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:12 pm

Hey there,

i have a rather general question on how mailenable filter systems are working. I did not find a sufficient answer so I hope to receive one here.

We set up various filters which are working fine on the server level in case of "content filtering" (like words, phrases, etc.). But I dont quite get how
filtering for added headers are working.

For example, Plesk Windows is using a built-in spamassassin version adding a prefix to the mails. In addition, there is a header line added "X-ME-Spam: High"
(e.g. if a virus is found scoring 1000) which is coming directly from mail enable.

Could you please clarify why these header additions cannot be filtered on the server level ? Each time a message is received on the SMTP connector,
the rules on my server-level filters are not working in respect of the added header information. Are the headers altered AFTER the server level filters
are used ?

Would this mean, that a spam filtering using header information added by Plesk or the "X-ME-Spam:" flag can only be used on post office filters or mailbox filters ?

Thank you very much.

Benjamin Busch

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