Unable to email a specific domain

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Unable to email a specific domain

Post by CreativeComputerCons » Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:02 pm

Running ME Pro 8.53. I have had my mail server for about 6 years and I have over 400 accounts for over 20 domains on the mail server. All email is working as expected. I really love MailEnable, it has been a great program and continually gets better.

Except for emails going to parkland.ca I think it is because parkland is using a CName for their MX record instead of following the rules.
However, from the server I can successfully telnet into port 25 of mail.pkif.com, although something seems funny because when I try to quit, it gives me 500 syntax error, command unrecognized. DNSStuff toolbox can successfully connect to the mail server for any email address@parkland.ca

Here is the error from the SMTP logs:
09/09/14 16:21:01 # ME-E0038: [3CF2E12B2B4D48EE9DF1F55877E65FBD.MAI] Communications Error: Socket connection to mail.pkif.com failed (error 10060). The host was either not contactable or it rejected your connection. Socket Family = 2; Host=; Port=25
09/09/14 16:21:01 # ME-E0059: [3CF2E12B2B4D48EE9DF1F55877E65FBD.MAI] Message Delivery Failure. Attempt (2): Could not connect to mail server for domain (parkland.ca). The remote mail server could not be contacted at this time. Message has been requeued.

Parkland knows about their problem and promises that they will fix their CName error at the DNS soon. But we absolutely need ME to be able to email parkland email addresses right now. We are trying to send them 4 or 5 emails every single day, and we need it to be working.

Thank-you in advance for any suggestions and help.

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