IMAP folders - how to.

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IMAP folders - how to.

Post by thePCdoctor » Tue Mar 10, 2015 2:59 pm

Good day all. We actually have 2 questions/items:

1) Currently using ME 6.x. We would like to add a couple of IMAP folders so that when we create a new account, and that account configures their mail client, they will see the new Folder. For ex: "Client Emails" and "InterOffice",

2) If we cannot do the above (item 1), then we would look at upgrading to ME 8.x. Our current servers are Dell R710 Dual 8-way Zeon Processors, lots of ram/disk etc. Will the Standard version run on these Dual 8-way procs or do we need to go with Enterprise or Pro?


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