How to link exchange and mailenable during conversion

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How to link exchange and mailenable during conversion

Post by itstomd » Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:09 pm

In some cases, you may have applications or users who you just cant get off of exchange.

I have 2 cases, one is an "group list" in exchange in which the user still needs, so they have to use exchange.
I have 2 applications which send reports to exchange, and the ip of the server is in the code. The code will be changed but for now i need to flow email.

On a side note, to fix the outlook "autocomplete" file, which has "exchange" type email addresses, use this:

When you make the mailenable mail profile call it the same name as the exchange profile so that .nk2 file follows you. (delete and resetup)

I added another new domain to each address in mailenable.
I told exchange using a smtp connector where to send the email (mailenable server)
I setup "contacts" in "exchange" to point to the users email, with the new domain, on the exchange server. Each user on the exchange as a contact pointing to their new mailbox on mailenable.

I then told exchange to "to forward a copy of all email" to the contact. So any reports, which comes in the old email, will end up in the users new mailbox. ( i have 2 of the same domains defined on the server, thus why the extra domain is needed to do the forward)

The user has both accounts in their outlook account, the exchange and the mail enable. Therefore any "real" mail comes into mailenable, sending goes though exchange as default. People who have mailenable and reply back, stays with the mailenable server. The users have no idea that the sender really sent it from the exchange server.

Any mail which gets sent to the old exchange mailbox is fowarded over. is defined on both, exchange and mailenable is only on the mailenable server.

path is ->

email arrives in exchange for user from a user on exchange

Exchange delivers it to the users mailbox on

Exchange then forwards that email VIA contact setup, using a smtp connector.
Then the forward config on the users ID, in exchange FORWARDS that mail to which is on the mailenable server

arrives in users account on mailenable server

When the user reply's back local, it will stay in mailenable server, else it will go out normal.

working perfect so far.

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