Need Help, Do Not know where to begin

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Need Help, Do Not know where to begin

Post by jaysodyssey » Fri Oct 23, 2015 3:04 pm

First off I tried searching the knowledge base, but the code on this site alone is quite buggy, no matter what term I put in it said no results.

I just moved our company over to a dedicated server with 1&1 hosting, they use plesk to admin the server.

After 9 days of pushing and pulling we got most everything setup, including being able to RECEIVE mail, however we CANNOT send it. Our webmail uses Mailenable (I have no idea what version it is) but no matter what we do we cannot send from Outlook on our network. the send/receive in Mailenable functions fine on the web.

I have tried changing ports and modifying things in Outlook but to no avail. I did find the mailenable admin program but was completely lost in the options presented to me. I know I most likely have to change something to get email on another port besides 25 however I have no idea how this software works.

The web interface looks pretty neat but beyond that I am finding this more of a headache then it is worth, setting up a third party email server seems way less painful

Can someone from either the company or this board point me in the right direction

The reason i need to switch ports is because our ISP blocks 25, we used 26 on our old server (Shared host) and it worked fine

thanks for the help in advance

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