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Mail Enable to hMailServer

Post by phpinterview1991 » Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:34 am


am at present moving from Mail Enable so thought i'd invest some energy making an instrument to spare me a considerable measure of work. However, conceivably, have invested somewhat more energy in making it than it would have took to duplicate the information over physically, is much less exhausting intense :D

This is the principal discharge and can duplicate over the accompanying from ME to hMail:

Mail station Name to Domain Name

Area Status

All Mail Accounts in each mail station

Letter box Status

Every Mailbox secret key (with alternative to scramble)

I nearly have the forward to email addresses, status of sending and whether to keep a nearby duplicate of sent mail.

However, in the last testing I began experiencing difficulty with copy passages when passing the ME config document into a dataset, will settle soon. Anyway in it's current state it works a treat and spares a ton of exertion while relocating over from ME.. appreciate.

goodness, for first run I suggest running it in an order provoke, if the Mail Enable way isn't set accurately in the .ini record it will crash.. not got round to the mistake catch on that yet :roll:

Additionally, any solicitations or recommendations for highlights for this device will be thankfully gotten..

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