Auto Responder Improved Intelligent Responses

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Auto Responder Improved Intelligent Responses

Post by megabozmps » Thu Jul 13, 2006 7:04 pm

Auto-Responder seems to trigger for every email that hits a user's mailbox. This creates an unnecessary -- and often unwanted -- amount of auto-response traffic. Although v2.0 now has the "once per day", and this is an improvement, it still does not fully address the problem.

The most common use of Auto-Responder within our Enterprise is for "Out of Office" type of messages. With that in mind...

Auto-Responder cannot be configured by the user for which incomming (i.e. TO: address) it will respond. This creates unnecessary -- and again, often unwanted -- responses. For example:

Distribution Groups: An email received because the user is a member of a Distribution Group triggers an auto-response. This is unnecessary since other group members will receive the email and can appropriately respond to the sender in the absence of one of the members.

SPAM: Often SPAM does NOT have a user's email address in the TO: header. It either has some bogus address, or may contain a common group address such as "sales" or "support". If the TO: address is some bogus address (eg. such as the address of the sender), it should not trigger an auto-response. Additionally, if it has a valid address, but one that is a distribution group, it should not trigger an auto-response (as described above).

The proposed solution is quite simple in concept: Provide a Toggle option for the user when they setup their Auto-Response, such as:

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[ ] Only send response to email addressed directly to me
When this option is turned ON, the TO: address of the incomming email is compared against the addresses defined for that user's mailbox. If there is a match, then a response is generated. Otherwise, no response is generated.

This addresses both the issue of email received TO a Distribution Group or TO some bogus address (non-user address).

When this option is turned OFF, Auto-Responder will operate just as it does now, therefore it will not effect or "break" any existing organization's implementation or use of Auto-Responders outside the scope of "Out of Office" types of functions.

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Re: Auto Responder Improved Intelligent Responses

Post by groberts3 » Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:22 pm

We need this badly!!!!

Was it ever added? I see the original post is from 2005.

But yes, if we have a group setup and someone in the group sets their autoresponder, it responds to everyone in the group and the person that sent the email....

Is there no way to stop this or fix it?


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