Mobile WebMail Localization and translation errors

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Mobile WebMail Localization and translation errors

Post by iltera » Wed Dec 11, 2013 4:45 pm


I installed version 8 last night, it's webmail interface (new Pacific Theme) looks incredibly awesome! As looking at the pages, I realized that there are numerius of untranslated words and incorrect translations all over webmail for the Turkish language. I corrected all myself by editing the language files, but the same thing is not in question for mobile webmail because mobile webmail is not designed for localization.

My suggestions
1- Please improve the Turkish translation of webmail, so that we don't have to update localization files and look for the changes after every update.
(I would gladly help you with the translations)
2- Please add localization support for the mobile webmail soon. We really need that! (I can help with mobile version translations too.)

If you like, you can contact me using my emil address.

Thank you!

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