Different Smart Hosts Ability for Each Domain

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Different Smart Hosts Ability for Each Domain

Post by JohnnyRingo8 » Thu May 08, 2014 10:40 am

Hi, I think it would be fantastic to have the ability to have different smart hosts (with authentication) for different/individual domains on the same server.

This would be very helpful for people like myself who are using MailEnable to host for different company/domains. I find that cloud spam filtering is becoming more and more popular and many times the companies that we are hosting often use different cloud spam filtering solutions, each with its own authenticated outbound relay.

Currently MailEnable can only send outbound messages to one authenticated smart host via the SMTP properties tab. There is a setting for domain smart hosting takes priority but there is no authentication per individual domain available. I have confirmed this in my recent forum posting titled "Different Smart Hosts for different/individual domains". This means in order to use the smart hosting feature with authentication all domains on the server must outbound relay to the same smart host.

This would be a definite selling feature for prospective MailEnable buyers that plan to host email for multiple domains/companies and would put MailEnable that much further ahead of it's competition.

Love MailEnable, hope to see this feature soon!

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