Requested Features 8.5+

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Requested Features 8.5+

Post by crittle1 » Wed Jun 11, 2014 6:37 pm

First, thank you for the indexing. WOW it has really made a difference with my clients and on CPU usage!

I moved from SM to ME. In SM you were able to track a message from the archives, open the message in a HTML rendered pop up window and then choose to place it in a postoffice box if needed. It was a really nice feature for when a legit email was caught up in the spam filter. I would love to see this in ME.

Other requests:

1. The ability to choose the calendar to STAY in monthly mode when logging in. Daily mode is overwhelming and I always have to choose month every time.

2. Set appointments in a 12 hour format rather than 24. 12 is standard where I'm at.

3. The colors for Shared calendars to show in monthly view so it's easy to see who owns what.

4. The ability to create new appointment and choose what calendar to add the appointment too.

Thank you.

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