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Post by Green » Fri Aug 15, 2014 5:35 pm

YAAS (Yet Another Archiving Suggestion)

Ability to create an Archive mailbox (like a postmaster mailbox) per postoffice - such that it will have copies of ALL emails legally sent or received by said postoffice. Which would mean a specific company can always access and manage their own domains' archive.

Ability to configure per said archive mailbox the ability to auto-delete emails after a) any number of days and/or b) when the postoffice or archive box's quota is about to be breached.

It happens too often that companies have no proper disaster recovery in place, then a workstation crash and the whole PST with years worth of emails is gone with it. And because we can't host unlimited emails using the current ME archive strategy - which gives no proper options, nor can any specific postoffice users actually access only their emails from it - the company will be limited to restoring only the last 30/60/90 days emails of the affected box.

A self managed archive box could fix all of this, especially if you can simply check a box on each account's mailbox to designate which boxes' incoming/outgoing emails are to be duplicated to the archive.
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Re: Archiving

Post by dustin » Wed Mar 25, 2015 10:05 pm

I agree, there needs to be more options. Coming from visnetic, mail would be stored for x amount of days in a folder for each user, in this format:


This way, if someone deleted all of their e-mail by accident, you could recover their e-mail from your most recent backup set, and then copy all e-mails out of their archive folder that were missing since the backup set. With the way ME currently does archiving, that would be a nightmare to figure out as all users are dumped into a folder based on the date. It doesn't make much sense. My suggestion doesn't give users any way to recover their mail, but it at least gives admins the ability to, and I think that is desperately needed. People depend way too much on mail now.

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