Enhanced security for MailEanble

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Enhanced security for MailEanble

Post by irelandp » Tue Oct 07, 2014 7:44 am

Firstly, thanks to everybody for such a good product. However, this suggestion relates to improved level of security for Mail Enable.

On my system both ports 110 and 25 are open to allow external access (e.g. from my mobile phone). I had been seeing numerous password hack attempts on port 25 but version 8.53 introduced automatic blacklisting of failed password attempts which has addressed this issue - thanks guys.

However, I am now seeing increasing levels of attempts to hack into port 110. Indeed one friend with a yahoo email account had his account hacked into and it was then cleared of all emails and used to send out spam and viruses.

Can I suggest a similar approach is taken with the POP / IMAP interface, to the SMTP interface in that repeated failed attempts to hack into an account are automatically blacklisted.


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