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Enterprise Edition and Outlook 2013

Post by efieric » Wed Aug 28, 2013 6:34 pm

Requesting advice...

We recently upgraded from Thunderbird on ME Enterprise Server 6.X to ME Enterprise Premium 7.X with Outlook 2013.

This transition has been a nightmare. We were looking to get away form Thunderbird which is no longer being devolved and move back to a more robust client. So we purchased Office 2013 and upgraded to a new MailEnable server version. even though Outlook 2013 is listed as compatible with the MAPI connector, it has a litany of problems that I cannot seem to get around. I have submitted a issue support 2 months ago and they say it's "logged in the register" but have yet to provide any kind of fix or workaround. Please let me know if you have had to know how to fix any of these issues. We have these problems on EVERY Outlook 2013 install.

Microsoft Windows 7 Pro x64 (all client stations)
Office is Office 2013 Standard
MailEnable Enterprise Premium 7.50
MAPI Connector 1.59

Issue - MAPI connector does not install properly on Windows 7 x64 routinely. FIX - Often have to uninstall/strip folder and registry data and reinstall or hand register DLLs

Issue - Outlook will orphan folders if they are moved or renamed. They can no longer be moved or deleted once they are orphaned. This can cause loss of emails stored in the folders or Outlook will tag the emails as "recovered" Only FIX - Completely destroy Outlook/Mailenable user Data from APPDATA folders and purge Outlook setting for that user from the registry and re-setup Outlook. Data moved to folders is often lost.

Issue Folders created or deleted in the MailEnable Web client do not sync to Outlook properly or at all.

Issue - Outlook will randomly not show new messages that have arrived. Send and receive does not work, Refreshing the message list of folder list does not work. FIX - restart outlook on a routine basis though out the day.

Issue - Show sync progress setting crashes Outlook.

Issue - Reset folder list does not work.

Issue - Refresh Message list does not work.

Issue - Message deletion or moving is slow and locks up Outlook

One last note. I got a copy of Outlook 2010 and tested ALL of these issues with it. Outlook 2010 works perfectly. So.. do buy and back everyone down to Outlook 2010 until ME fixes this way overdue issue, or do I just wait?

Is anyone else seeing these problems or know how to get around them?



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Re: Enterprise Edition and Outlook 2013

Post by frontdist » Sun Sep 22, 2013 1:47 pm

I can't offer any help for you, but I have two more issues that you may have or will notice with the MAPI connector:

- Contact Groups do not sync between outlook and mailenable contact repository. If you load the MAPI connector on the same users laptop or another computer, the contacts will populate but the groups won't.

- Message rules do not get applied to inbound messages. For example, you create a rule to move an inbound message to a particular folder. The rule won't work, you have to go into the rules and manually apply it or move the message yourself.

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Re: Enterprise Edition and Outlook 2013

Post by Netsupply » Thu Oct 03, 2013 9:48 am

And a lot of the right click options crashes Outlook 2013 or stalls it and makes it unresponsive.

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