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MailEnable on Windows Azure VM

Post by mom4751 » Tue Dec 10, 2013 4:02 pm

Hello i am evaluating MailEnable Enterprise on a Windows Azure VM (both in trial mode :D ).
My intention is to provide one hundred of mailboxes with sizes starting from 1 Gb each one.

Currently i choose the "Medium" plan: 2 core, 3,5 Gb RAM and up to 4 data disks of 1 Tb each one ( ... 97896.aspx ).
OS is Windows Server 2012R2. 2012 first version is no more available and the other choice is Win 2008: not an ideal guest for Azure.

RAM is not so much; on the other hand, the database is external: i have activated an Azure SQL DB and i have moved the database to this one.
Finally, i have added an 1Tb volume to store the messages and i have formatted this one with new ReFS file system.

Azure does not provide DNS reverse lookup for now so i am going to use a relay server.

Now the questions.
The server seems to work but it is doing almost nothing. I'm worried about what will happen at full load? Mailenable is certified to work in Azure environment?
Someone else had some experience with this stuff?
Azure storage is available in data disks not greater than 1 Tb. Can i place different postoffices or domains on different volumes (E: F: G:) in order to store more than 1 Tb?

Thank you.

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